20ft ISO Shelter

In 2014 Core Composites was a prime contractor for the US Army for a fully integrated 20-foot, two side expandable composite shelter to meet form, fit and function of existing aluminum/Nomex shelters.  Core Composites developed and built all parts for a 2 side (3:1) expandable rigid wall shelter. This product became production ready in the summer of 2016.

Developing this all-composite shelter, Core Composites took advantage of composite materials’ corrosion-proof nature, the higher “R” values it confers, the higher impact strength of composite wall systems, and the lower vibration and noise levels attainable. Improved composite systems allowed for stronger load-bearing designs such that the completed EMCs can be stacked 9-high while having floor-load strengths equal to or greater than comparable conventional aluminum or steel units.

These shelters use panels with a carbon-fiber/PET foam core/phenolic resin system or a carbon-fiber/fiberglass/PET/phenolic system, depending on the specific performance requirement for that particular shelter panel. Corner posts are carbon-fiber/prepreg epoxy with fire-retardant epoxy in critical areas. 

The overall 20-foot shelter composite part weight is approximately 1,876lbs vs the metal parts at 2,051lbs, showing an 8.5% overall weight reduction.

The all-composite 10-foot single-side expandable EMC shelter passed CSC requirements for 9-high stacking and was awarded a CSC certificate (USA/MC 102/17). The shelter uses composite solutions for both the fixed and expanding sides while meeting all ASTM E1925 requirements.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $300,000