Custom Polymer Designs is a trusted brand in the marine industry, for infusion projects, tooling and much more. We provide epoxy and polyurethane thermoset resins to innovative customers across many industries including, but not limited to:  Boat building, Infrastructure, Recreational Composites, Tooling, Carbon Fiber Composite Construction and Aerospace.

CPD Production Facility

CPD (Composite Polymer Design) has been providing epoxy resin systems to build cold molded sport fishing boats in the Carolinas for over 20 years. We in-house manufacture our products so we can keep up with your changing needs. You can expect that you will get not only an excellent epoxy system from us, but also excellent technical and customer service. This is a sampling of our most popular products for marine construction, if you do not see exactly what you are looking for please call us so we help you find something in our vast library of product formulas. You can trust us with your hull construction because we care about the success of our customers.

Private Labeling

·         At Endurance Technologies, we own and operate a quality engineered-label printer for in-house private labeling jobs for our customers. We have operated the printer within our facility since 2013 adding another piece of high-quality equipment to our manufacturing facility. Our labels are water and weather proof with a high gloss laminate. We are capable of custom cutting labels to fit any type of packaging that is within our production limits. If interested in a quote, please send us your artwork to for a proof.

Custom Formulations

·         Endurance Technologies specializes in Epoxy and Polyurethane formulations. We service many industries and are always willing to help our customers resolve technical problems they may be experiencing. In doing so, this enables us to gain a working knowledge of our customers process and over the years and gain their trust which in turn has helped our business grow with our loyal customer base. Please take a moment and review our offerings and contact us with any questions you may have about how we can help you to solve problems you may be experiencing in your facility by utilizing our chemistry and technical experience.