National Composites Week Celebration: Highlighting Core Composites' Recent Innovation

The All-Composite Joint Warfighter Shelter of the Future

In April of 2019, Core Composites launched the all-composite Joint Warfighter Shelter of the Future (JWSOF) funded by the United States Army Medical Material Development Activity (USAMMDA). The program was a two-year development effort involving a number of highly skilled companies.

The JWSOF is a next generation surgical, rigid wall shelter with an exterior of a 20’ ISO shipping container that expands via a series of light weight composite expanding walls, roofs and floors. It is stiffer, stronger, larger, and lighter compared to the legacy aluminum-built shelters.

The composite system is A&P QISO carbon fiber fabric, fire retardant resin, foam core, and multi-side infusion manufacturing process.

The JWSOF is currently being funded to continue development and build pre-production units.

The composite system is carbon fiber fabric, fire retardant resin, foam core, and multi-side infusion manufacturing process.

The JWSOF Shelter can be both air conditioned and heated and has an estimated insulation R-value of 8-9. 

The shelter can also be set up or taken down in less than 30 minutes with two men and limited tools.  Built with light weight composite materials, the JWSOF will last indefinitely with very low maintenance. It is designed to save Warfighter lives as well as tax-payer dollars.

"This collaboration is a testament to the way talented and like-minded companies can come together and leverage each other's core competencies to develop innovative concepts that solve complex problems, and it is particularly exciting to join forces with other RI organizations. There is an incredible opportunity to bring new and better solutions to the forefront and help our armed forces stay competitive on a global scale. Working together, I am confident we can support the U.S. military as whole to innovate with composites and solve their most pressing needs." - Ben Cornell, General Manager of Core Composites

Core Composites is looking to the future with the major developments coming out of the Shelter. The composite panel solution is being developed with further research and development efforts with the aim to revolutionize the construction market with an all-composite, low-impact, fungible panelized building solution.

Not only will the composite shelter enable and safeguard members of the military through the strategically improved shelter design, the innovation from the composite panels in the shelter are being reimagined for the world’s residents at large. The world needs a new, rugged, sustainable building solution and Core Composites sees the path forward.