Carbon Fabrics

Stiffest Strongest Reinforcing Fibers

Features: Benefits:
Extremely high stiffness With a variety of modulus available from standard 33 msi to ultra high modulus pitch over 125 msi carbon fiber has the highest specific modulus of all the commercial reinforcing fibers.
High tensile strength The strongest of all commercial reinforcing fibers in tension. Especially good for the tension skin on cored composite laminates
Excellent corrosion resistance Used in reinforcing concrete, carbon has good alkaline resistance as well as resistance to salt water and many other chemical environments.
Excellent fatigue properties Used as a primary reinforcement for fatigue prone products such as helicopter and wind turbine blades as well as off shore power and sailboats.
Excellent compression properties Proper fiber sizing for the resin matrix selected can yield impressive compressive properties but this quality can be quite difficult to measure with standard ASTM test methods and careful test specimen preparation is critical to achieve accurate results.
Low coefficient of linear expansion -1.1 x 106 cm/cm°C (.0.6 x 10 6 in/in°F) : Carbon is a good tooling reinforcement for molds that will see temperature and where parts need tight dimensional stability.

Caution with Carbon Fiber

Carbon is electrically conductive so isolation (usually with glass cloth) is critical when mounting electrical components.  Metallic parts may corrode in salt water environments if improperly isolated.

Carbon fiber dust (while grinding etc.) may short out electrical tools.

Carbon fiber is not as good on sharp impacts as Glass (especially S-Glass) or Aramid fibers but properly engineered laminates (especially cored laminates) can utilize carbon very well for “global impact” loads such as slamming in power and offshore sailboats.


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