L3 Harris T-22 Radome

L3 Harris has contracted Core Composites to build the new composite T-22 Radome, which is a 22' ground-based radome.  The Core Composites team is leading an engineering redesign for a new lower cost higher quality process called vacuum infusion with a gel coated exterior finish.

In July of 2018, L3 and Core Composites finished the first prototype and are ready for testing and verification with the aim to push the composite radome design closer to full-scale production.

Notable improvements to the radomes include improved aesthetics and lower porosity, reducing dirt build-up thus improving the radar performance over time in the field. Using the infusion process also reduces void content. The use of a new PET foam core increases impact resistance properties.

The infusion process allows L3 to compete with the low-cost of inferior overseas "hand lay-up process" creating a radome which will outlast and outperform the overseas competition. To further lower the cost, Core Composites uses "reusable vacuum bags" also reducing overall waste in the process.

As the development process continues, L3 and Core Composites anticipate developing a new ground-up composite radome design from the previous efforts, reducing cost and increasing performance even further.