Tiny House

Following the testing success of the System 84 panel solution, the Core Composites team is in the process of designing, engineering, manufacturing, and building a Tiny House.  This project will be a proof-of-concept building using the System 84 composite panelized solution.

Composites, by nature, are dynamic, adaptable, and resilient to environmental loads such as: wind, water corrosion, and seismic.

The panels are pre-engineered and factory manufactured ready for simple, fast on-site assembly.  Pultrusion joint designs ensure reliable, simple, and quick assembly. 

100+ year life span with limited maintenance – reduces total cost of ownership. Core materials and joint designs create air-tight building recirculating hot/cold air will reduce energy use and increase R-value.

Having an understanding of the limitations of current construction methods such as the classic stick-frame building method and seeing the limitations that come from the use of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP), all used currently in conventional construction, Core Composites sees composite panel buildings as the solution to these issues and as the future of construction.

The reduction of the carbon footprint in both the manufacturing process and the assembled composite panel building during its life through strategic energy and resource conservation are only a few of the many benefits to evolving modern construction towards a composite future.

The long-term vision for Core Composites is to move into the residential and industrial construction markets with a fully-developed proof-of-concept all-composite Tiny House as a tangible example of the innovation composites can bring to building materials.