The future is greener


We are the global leader with the broadest portfolio of high-performing and sustainable core materials made of PET foam and balsa wood. Our products have a new purpose, to create a stronger, greener and lighter future.



Global leader with more than 75 years of experience

3A Composites Core Materials is a global organizational unit within the 3A Composites Group, a part of Schweiter Technologies (SIX Swiss Exchange: SWTQ), with operations in Europe, the Americas, China and Papua New Guinea.

We are a global leader with the broadest portfolio of high-performing and sustainable core materials with main focus on PET foam and balsa wood. We are the pioneers in sandwich technology with more than 75 years of experience. Since the very beginning our focus has been developing strong and solid, lightweight core materials, which allow manufacturing more durable, sustainable and energy-efficient end products for our customers.

Stronger, lighter, greener future

We are made of passion and perseverance; we create new products, which are stronger, lighter and greener to the core.

We are emphatic to people we work with, that is why we take interest in the communities we work in. We care about our employees, who work for us all over the world, and their families.

We are ecological, our aim is to create green products that help our customers to become more energy efficient and positively impact the environment.

Our products are lightweight and strong, impacting the greener future, some are created from balsa wood we planted and some from recyclable plastic (PET). Our products have a goal and that is to create a stronger, lighter and greener future.

We aim to inspire others – individuals and companies.

This is what we are made of.

Our values

High performing
For more than 75 years our focus and driving force has been developing high-quality core materials of superior durability and performance.

Strong and light
We have excelled in finding the right balance between the two, which results in more durable and energy-efficient end products for our customers, especially in automotive, construction, marine and wind energy industry.

We want to make the industry greener each day by respecting nature, forests and water resources, especially in Ecuador and Papua New Guinea, where our balsa wood comes from. We strive to develop energy efficient end products and become carbon neutral by 2020.

We are proud of never having to make compromises when it comes to quality. Proud of making an impact in each community we work in. But most of all, we are proud of our people, with some of whom have been in our company for more than 25 years.

Everything we do — from building play-schools in Papua New Guinea to helping elderly in China, from manufacturing core materials for wind turbine blades to protecting water courses in Ecuador — we try to make a positive impact in the community.