A&P Technology is a seventh-generation, family-owned, world-leading producer of precision braided textiles

We bagan as an R&D division of Atkins & Pearce, America's largest and oldest braiding company and a dominant force in the textile braid markets worldwide.

From the beginning, A&P concentrated its research efforts on the development of state-of-the-art braiding machinery aimed at furthering the use of braid within the composites industry. This tradition continues today with our modern facilities, industry-leading research and development, and manufacture of the world's largest and most technologically advanced braiding machinery. This machinery includes a line of Megabraiders™, the largest braiding machinery in existence, which meet composite designers' needs for braided reinforcements of large diameters with small unit cells.

At A&P, we are committed to our customers and to our ethic of hard work and ingenuity. The basis of all our success as a company comes from our investment in people who are passionate about braid. Together, we have developed the most technologically advanced machinery in the world in order to create solutions for clients in a wide array of industries. We look forward to continuing our history of excellence and advancement in order to always provide our clients with customized products with quick turnarounds at the lowest possible costs.