About us

CPD has been manufacturing epoxy resin systems for the use in Cured in Place Pipe applications for over 10 years. Endurance Technologies has been in the business of manufacturing specialty epoxy products for 25 years, first under the brand name Epoxical Inc. and now under several brand names including CPD. This is a comprehensive list of our Cured in Place Pipe offerings. We specialize in private labeling these products for our customers in 5-gallon kits or larger for re-sale.

Endurance Technologies Three Unique attributes:

         1. We care about the Success of our Customers

         2. Hands-on Customer Service and Technical Support

         3. In-House Manufacturing

About Cured in Place Pipe

Cured in place pipe is a method for repairing lateral pipe lines from buildings to the street without tearing the entire pipe-line out, which is why this method is considered a trench less or “no dig” technology. Typically, a resin saturated felt liner is inserted in the damaged area of the pipe, inverted using water or air pressure and cured, either at ambient temperatures or by adding hot steam to speed up the cure time. Our Epoxy CIPP products have distinct advantages for use in the field by plumbers and drain cleaning professionals.

Advantages of CPD CIPP Products:

·         One Resin with hardener options at different speeds which makes field work simpler, just choose your hardener speed and go.

·         No strong odor like styrene based CIPP products which means CPD CIPP products can be used for pipe rehabilitation while a building is still occupied.

·         All products will cure without the addition of UV light or additional heat at standard below ground temperatures, however if a faster cure time is needed hot steam can be applied as well.

CIPP Systems

Cured-in-Place-Pipe Epoxy Resin Systems

Advantages of working with CPD for your CIPP Product Needs:

·         Both 4 to 1 and 2 to 1 by volume mix ratio products so you can use or market a product with the easy to use mix ratio most familiar to you.

·         As a specialty epoxy manufacturer, we can provide unique products like our chemically-resistant CPD 4243B hardener that can be used in chemical pipeline applications that are exposed to sulfuric acid in addition to standard water & sewer pipelines.

·         We provide design and private labeling services in-house so you can promote your brand while letting us manage technical compliance and manufacturing services.

Product Highlights: 4232B

·         CPD 4210A with 4232B is a chemically resistant product that can withstand exposure to sulfuric acid. It was developed for a customer who needed resistance to sulfuric acid and other chemicals that were compromising their piping. If you have a unique application in mind for cured-in-place piping we can work with you to provide a product that supports your individual needs.