Standard Hand Lay-Up Laminating Systems

·         The laminating systems from Composite Polymer Design are designed for use in wet lay-up, filament winding, and RTM applications as well as cast parts. The systems exhibit excellent wet-out on all reinforcements such as fiber glass, carbon, and hybrid fibers and can be used will all types of cores. The adhesion capabilities of the systems provide excellent bonding to all surfaces. The systems can also be filled with standard glass balloons, flux, glass fibers, and other fillers for filleting and patching.

·         The systems consist of formulated epoxy resins and hardeners with varying cure speeds. The 9263B, 9283B, and 9287B hardeners are interchangeable and may be combined for custom property requirements. Many of the systems have been engineered to have convenient volumetric ratios so that they may be used on all types of metering and meter mix devices. While cure is complete after 7days at room temperature, properties are increased with a moderate post cure. These formulations are NON-BLUSHING, assuring maximum performance in the harsh environments present in the marine industry. The high crosslink density and the excellent heat deflection temperatures assure protection from print through problems, giving flexibility in color choices for parts made from these CPD systems. The4227Aresin may be substituted for 4217A resin where a medium viscosity thixotropic material is required to minimize drainage. The 4217A resin will alter the viscosity of the system to enhance performance on vertical surfaces.

Hardener Blend Combinations

·         The hardeners can be used as they are packaged or in some combination to achieve a specific pot life. Some of the most common combinations are as follows:

Temperature and Pot Life

·         Desired pot life is dictated by both process requirements and temperature of the environment in which the laminate is being constructed. Environmental temperature has a significant impact on the difference between the literature pot life value and the pot life that will actually be obtained. The pot life is measured according to SPIR-ERF 13-70 (METHOD A-1) measured at 77ºF.The impact of temperature on pot life is charted in Figure 1.

Processing Options

·         The laminating systems from CPD have been designed for use in all standard wet lay-up processes including roller applications, squeegee, impregnating equipment, both automatic metering and manual. The resin to reinforcement ratio can be controlled due to the excellent wetting characteristics of the system that does not require overcoat of the resin matrix.

Advanced Hand Lay-Up Laminating Systems

·         The9226B, 9227B and 9262B series of hardeners have been formulated to be used with the 4227A and 4217A resins for improved thermal properties. While a cure can be considered complete after 7 days at room temperature, a moderate post cure will expedite the cure and enhance the thermal and mechanical properties.

Specialty Systems

·         Core Bonding Systems

·         Fairing compounds

·         Custom formulated room temp curing laminating systems with varied post cure properties

·         High peel strength bonding systems

·         Epoxy and polyurethane casting systems

·         High temp systems for applications up to 450°F

·         Long pot life wet-preg systems

·         Press molding systems

·         RTM systems

·         Specialty hardener bonding systems

·         Other custom formulations