Compofil Fabric

Complete and fast wet-out, excellent mechanical properties, fibers arrayed symmetrically – resulting in dimensional stability, good moldability

Compofil™ -Fabric is a reinforcement unidirectional fabric woven from Compofil™ rovings. Suitable for mold pressing, roller pressing, vacuum molding and more. It is suitable for various molding processes including mold pressing, vacuum molding, filament winding and more.


·         Complete and fast wet-out

·         Excellent mechanical properties

·         Fibers arrayed symmetrically – resulting in dimensional stability

·         Good moldability


·         Automotive

·         Construction

·         Military applications

·         New energy industries

·         Sports apparatus

Technical Parameters:

·         Area Weight: 400 g/m2


·         Type of Glass: E-Glass (E)

·         Type of Fiberglass: Direct Roving (DR)

·         Widths Available: 1530 mm

·         Most Common Sizes:

        ·         Compofil™–PPS-70-U-400-1530

        ·         Compofil™–PET-70-U-400-1530

        ·         Compofil™–PP-60-U-400-1530

Technology Datasheet