Compofil PP

Dry thermoplastic prepreg with excellent self-impregnation, environmentally friendly production process and recyclability, high performance to cost ratio, high productivity and short processing cycle

Compofil™ –PP is a high-performance roving made of interwound continuous glass fiber and long Polypropylene (PP) fiber. It can be used to manufacture thermoplastic composites directly with no need for extra resin. It is suitable for various molding processes including mold pressing, vacuum molding, filament winding and more.


·         Dry thermoplastic prepreg with excellent self-impregnation

·         Environmentally friendly production process and recyclability

·         High performance to cost ratio

·         High productivity and short processing cycle


·         Automotive

·         Construction

·         Military applications

·         New energy industries

·         Sports apparatus

Mechanical Properties:

·         Tensile Strength: 660 MPa ISO527-4

·         Tensile Modulus: 47 GPa ISO527-4

·         Flexural Strength: 640 MPa ISO178

·         Flexural Modulus: 45 GPa ISO178

·         Notched Impact: 434 kJ/m2 ISO179


·         Type of Glass: E-Glass (E)

·         Type of Fiberglass: Direct Roving (DR)

·         Weight: 60% fiberglass content

·         Standard Linear Mass Densities: 810 grams per meter (Tex)

·         Most Common Sizes: PP-60-DR-810, PP-80-DR-610

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