ZOLTEK PX35 Continuous Tow

ZOLTEK PX35 Continuous Tow is the premier commercial carbon fiber on the market. It is a 50K filament fiber manufactured from polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor, and is available with a range of sizings for optimal processing and compatibility with a variety of resin systems. ZOLTEK’s quality system focuses on spool-to-spool consistency yielding low coefficients of variation.

Composite Properties


Tensile Strength

600 ksi

Tensile Modulus

35 msi



Electrical Resistivity

0.00061 ohm-in


0.065 lb/in3

Fiber Diameter

0.283 mils

Carbon Content



397 ft/lb

Textile Units

33700 denier

Spool Weight

12 lb, 24 lb

Spool Length

1650 yd, 3280 yd

Technical Datasheet

ZOLTEK PX35 continuous carbon fiber is manufactured from polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor. The consistency in yield and mechanical properties that are provided by large filament count strands gives the user the ability to design and manufacture composite materials with greater confidence and allows for efficient and fast buildup of carbon fiber reinforced composite structures.

ZOLTEK PX35 50K fibers are available with a variety of sizing formats for different composite processing methods and for compatibility with a wide range of standard resin systems. ZOLTEK quality focuses on spool to spool consistency yielding low coefficients of variation.


·         Wind energy, automotive, petroleum production, aviation, marine, industrial, other transportation, medical (including X-ray), sports and recreation, etc.


·         Wound on a 3” x 11” (7.6 cm x 28 cm) cardboard spool, sealed in heat shrunk covering, and placed in cardboard box; two splices are permitted per every 1,500m spool and five per every 3,000m spool.

Spool outside diameter:

·         1,500 m: 180-185 mm

·         3,000 m: 235-245 mm

Safety Datasheet:


·         Appearance: black fiber

·         Odor: odorless

·         pH: not applicable

·         Melting point/ freezing point: ~ 3,500°C

·         Initial boiling point and boiling range: not applicable

·         Flashpoint: not applicable

·         Evaporation rate: not applicable

·         Flammability (solid, gas): not applicable

·         Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits: not applicable

·         Vapor pressure: not applicable

·         Vapor density: not applicable

·         Specific gravity (relative density): 1.81(H2O@ 4°C= 1.00)

·         Solubility(ies): water negligible (dispersible)

·         Decomposition temperature (in Air):

             o   Sizing preparation: >240°C

             o   Carbon fiber: >650°C

·         Reactivity: can react with strong oxidizing agents

·         Chemical stability: stable under normal ambient and anticipated storage and handling conditions of temperature and pressure

·         Possibility of hazardous reactions: can react with strong oxidizing agents

·         Conditions to avoid: do not store together with oxidizing agents

·         Incompatible materials: can react with strong oxidizing agents

·         Hazardous decomposition products: Products of combustion and decomposition will depend on other materials present in the fire and the fire conditions. Burning will produce CO2, CO, and minute amounts of N2, HCN and H2O.