The Tiny House

Minimalism Meets Composites

Tiny House Rendering.tif

As the Core Composites team moves through research and development in the Fire, Smoke, and Toxicity (FST) realm with the end goal finishing the design, engineering, and finally building The Tiny House. This will serve as a proof-of-concept of the development of our composite-based, panelized structural building solution.


Composites, by nature, are dynamic, adaptable, and resilient to environmental loads such as wind, seismic, water, and corrosion.


The pre-engineered panel mold designs create a fluid manufacturing process and simplifies transportation. Paired with the pultrusion joint designs, this ensures for structural and insulating integrity as well as making for simple, fast, on-site assembly. The pultrusion will also aid in a fire event, maintaining its shape and structure while not spreading through the joints for long enough to escape.


A 100+ year anticipated life span, with limited maintenance, reduces total cost of ownership and ensures long-term reliability. Composite panels and strategic joint designs increases overall insulation by creating an air-tight seal. The Tiny House will be recirculating hot and cold air to reduce energy use as a suitable internal temperature can be maintained more efficiently with the developed building solution.

Tiny House Drawing 1.tif
Tiny House Drawing 2.tif

Architectural Renderings of Tiny House Concept