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Welcome to Core Composites

Core Composites has developed and managed hundreds of leading-edge advanced composite projects with a focus on shelters, enclosures, radomes, casings, buildings, and houses.

Core Composites project manages the development of complex composite products from prototype through production. The team has excellent product and process technical knowledge across many different material and manufacturing processes such as: prepreg, vacuum infusion, RTM, thermo-plastics, thermo-sets, etc.


Core Composites sells and distributes advanced composite materials including:

Fabrics: varieties of carbon, aramid, and glass fabrics; Specialty coatings

Resins: epoxy and phenolic resins

Structural core materials: Balsa, Cork, PVC, PET, Nomex Honeycomb, Kevlar, Urethane, and Aluminum Honeycomb

Commercial low temperature cure prepregs

Vacuum Infusion consumables