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The Joint Warfighter Shelter of the Future

The All-Composite, Expandable Military Shelter

JWSOF Fully-Expanded

In April of 2019, Core Composites launched the all-composite Joint Warfighter Shelter of the Future (JWSOF) prototype funded by the United States Army Medical Material Development Activity (USAMMDA). The program was a two-year development effort involving a number of highly skilled companies.


The JWSOF is a next-generation expandable, surgical, rigid wall shelter conforming to the 20’ ISO (International Organization for Standardization) shipping container's exterior specifications. The shelter expands via a series of light weight composite expanding walls, roofs and floors.


It features stiffer and higher load-bearing floors, while remaining lighter as compared to the legacy aluminum-built shelters.


The composite system is comprised of a carbon fiber fabric, fire retardant resin, foam core composite formed through a multi-side infusion manufacturing process. The JWSOF Shelter can be both air conditioned and heated, and has an estimated insulation R-value of 8-9.


The JWSOF is currently being funded to continue development and build pre-production units. The current prototype is being evaluated by the military for overall performance.

In December of 2022, Core Composites completed the second generation of the JWSOF.

The JWSOF Expanded Interior

JWSOF Expanded Interior.jpg
JWSOF Opening Vestibule Walls.jpg

The JWSOF Vestibule Walls Opening

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