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End-Grain Balsa Core

Nature's Wonder-Wood For Composite Laminates


End-grain balsa wood is a structural core with ideal properties for sandwich construction. It is compatible with all types of manufacturing processes from wet lamination to pre-preg construction.


Balsa is not affected by styrene or long resin gel times making it well suited for infusion applications. You can purchase rigid balsa sheets or contour-cut with scrim as well as a variety of specialty cuts.


Balsa is also available with a coating that minimizes resin absorption increasing bond strength and maximizing your weight savings. Today’s balsa core is available with controlled density (5lb/cu. ft - 18lb/cu. ft) for making more precision parts.


Balsa is an economical solution to higher priced foam cores.

Balsa is also sustainably sourced and managed material with a low carbon footprint.

  • High strength and stiffness to weight ratios

  • Excellent fire performance

  • Highest sheer strength for it’s density

  • Renewable resource

  • Wide operating temperature

  • Good fatigue resistance

  • Impervious to styrene

  • Good sound & thermal insulation

  • Highly economical

The featured materials are what Core Composites commonly distributes. We are happy to potentially assist in finding a different product or to point you in the right direction based on your needs and our ability to accommodate.

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