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Carbon Fiber

Extraordinary Strength-to-Weight Ratios

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Carbon fiber has the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any advanced fiber with moduli ranging from 33 msi (230 GPa) to 85 msi (588 GPa). PAN-based carbon fibers have a low specific gravity (1.8 gm/cm2) and excellent tensile and compressive strengths.


With both Vinyl Ester (VE) and epoxy sizings and a wide variety of woven, stitched, and braided styles readily available, carbon enhances the performance of almost any product by saving weight and improving stiffness.


Properly designed carbon can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials.

  • 150gsm Unidirectional 24" wide

  • 200gsm Unidirectional 12" wide

  • 300gsm Unidirectional 12" & 24" wide

  • 600gsm Unidirectional 12" & 24" wide

  • 200gsm Plain Weave 50" wide

  • 200gsm 2x2 Twill 50" wide

  • 670gsm 2x2 Twill 50" wide

  • 300gsm 0/90 50" wide

  • 400gsm 0/90 50" wide

  • 600gsm 0/90 50" wide

  • 200gsm +/-45 50" wide

  • 300gsm +/-45 50" wide

  • 410gsm +/-45 50" wide

  • 600gsm +/-45 50" wide

  • 272gsm-1105gsm range Braided Triaxial (0, +/-60)

Our popular, stock carbon fiber selection:

How Fabrics are Typically Constructed:



0 90 diagram.png

Plain Weave

Plain Weave diagram.png


+-45 diagram.png

Braided 0, +/-60 Triaxial

2x2 Twill

2x2 twill diagram.png

We can help source more specialty and hard-to-find reinforcement fabrics not featured in our commonly stocked list such as Aramid/Carbon hybrids, uncommon stitch or weave constructions, Intermediate Modulus, & High Modulus input fiber fabrics. Please inquire with details of your needs and we would be happy to assist.

The featured materials are what Core Composites commonly distributes. We are happy to potentially assist in finding a different product or to point you in the right direction based on your needs and our ability to accommodate.

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