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Sustainable Sound, Impact, & Insulation Core

CoreCork® is a natural, renewable resource that is now being applied to the composites industry.


The excellent fire, smoke and toxicity characteristics and natural sound insulation make it a great solution for small vessels, marine applications, wind turbine nacelles, rail, automotive, and light aircraft construction.


Excellent Impact Absorption and Damage Tolerance

CoreCork® is a natural energy absorber, perfect for high impact strikes such as rail front ends and impact prone areas on automobiles and rail cars. The sail and surfboard market have discovered cork's ability to absorb energy and produce lower fatigue. The canoe and kayak industries are taking advantage of cork's natural ability to absorb rock and beach impacts.


Reduced Thermal Conductivity and Excellent Dampening

CoreCork®'s natural closed-cell structure provides exceptional dampening and dramatically reduced thermal conductivity.


Superior Print-Stopping Capability

Absorbs less resin and retains its laminated thickness resulting in a 25% reduction in cost vs. bulkier mats.


Environmentally Superior

The bark of a cork tree is harvested without harming the tree every 8 years, and most trees live for 150 years. Amorim's cork plantations are absorbing 218,000 TONS of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.


User Friendly

CoreCork® bonds with all standard laminating resins: PE, PU, VE, Epoxy, Phenolic. High processing and working temperature. Works with most pre-pregs. Excellent Styrene resistance works well for resin infusion with low resin uptake, retains its thickness under vacuum pressure.



Does Not Absorb Water and Does Not Rot

Only the damaged or outermost cells of cork absorb water. CoreCork® is a naturally closed cell wood fiber material that does not absorb water, does not rot and does not decay over time. This leads to enormous long term advantages vs. competing products, which do transfer water and can be susceptible to rotting and decay. CoreCork® has an excellent resistance to fungus growth compared with other core materials.


Time and Labor Savings

Easily cut with standard cutting tools and saws.


Excellent Conformability

Available in scored sheets and rolls.


Compression Recovery

Recovery of up to 85% of original thickness in a severe impact situation, and 100% in most impacts. CoreCork® rarely delaminates on impact.


Process Friendly

Excellent in hand lay-up, infusion, RTM and pre-preg.

The featured materials are what Core Composites commonly distributes. We are happy to potentially assist in finding a different product or to point you in the right direction based on your needs and our ability to accommodate.

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