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The 10' 1-Side Expandable US Marine EMC Shelter

Years of Leading-Edge Innovation In Rigid Wall Shelters

10' 1-Side Expandable EMC US Marine Shel

In early 2017, Core Composites delivered an Electronic Maintenance Complex (EMC) 10-foot single side expandable wall shelter to the US Marines employed in the Communications Electronic Equipment Maintenance Complex (CEEMC) . 


The shelter passed CSC requirements for 9-high stacking and was awarded a CSC certificate (USA/MC 102/17). The shelter uses composite solutions for both the fixed and expanding sides while meeting all ASTM E1925 requirements.

Core Composites is currently working with the Marines to improve this prototype integration of subsystems – electrical distribution, lighting, ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) compatibility and Internal Appointment Modules (IAMs) – in preparation for production.

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