Innovation in Composites

From prototype through to production


Where we thrive is understanding your needs, the obstacles, and the end-goals by creating a detailed, actionable plan, developing the right tools, and assembling the best team.

With the plan solidified, we manage all parties at a high-level to move the program forward expeditiously while maintaining effective collaboration and never loosing sight of the big picture.

In the final stages, we fine-tune the program trajectory to have the greatest effect -- ensuring maximum value, impact, and longevity of the final product.

The Joint Warfighter Shelter of the Future

JWSOF Fully-Expanded

The 20' 3-to-1 Expandable US Military Shelter

Hybrid Retrofit Kit for US Army Standard Shelters

The 10' 1-Side Expandable US Marine Shelter

10' 1-Side Expandable EMC US Marine Shel

The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

JLTV-JETS Truck-Mounted US Military EMI

The T-22 Ground-Based Radome

Electro-Magnetic Interference Shielded Composite Rigid Wall Shelter (EMI-CRWS)

EMI Sheilding Composite Rigid Wall Shelt

7' Pod Shelters for US Military

7ft US Military Pod Shelter.png

SHARC Autonomous Landing Craft

The Tupelo Emergency Response Shelter

Core Composites' Tiny House R&D

Agricultural POD Units

Agriculture Pods.png