Innovation in Composites

From prototype through to production


Where we thrive is understanding your needs, the obstacles, and the end-goals by creating a detailed, actionable plan, developing the right tools, and assembling the best team.

With the plan solidified, we manage all parties at a high-level to move the program forward expeditiously while maintaining effective collaboration and never loosing sight of the big picture.

In the final stages, we fine-tune the program trajectory to have the greatest effect -- ensuring maximum value, impact, and longevity of the final product.

The Joint Warfighter Shelter of the Future

JWSOF Fully-Expanded

The 20' 3-to-1 Expandable US Military Shelter

20ft 3-to-1 Expandable US Military Shelt

Hybrid Retrofit Kit for US Army Standard Shelters

Hybrid Retrofit Kit for US Army Standard

The 10' 1-Side Expandable US Marine Shelter

10' 1-Side Expandable EMC US Marine Shel

The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

JLTV-JETS Truck-Mounted US Military EMI

The T-22 Ground-Based Radome

Ground Based Radome.jpg.png

Electro-Magnetic Interference Shielded Composite Rigid Wall Shelter (EMI-CRWS)

EMI Sheilding Composite Rigid Wall Shelt

7' Pod Shelters for US Military

7ft US Military Pod Shelter.png

SHARC Autonomous Landing Craft


The Tupelo Emergency Response Shelter

Tupelo Shelter rendering in parking lot.

Core Composites' Tiny House R&D

Tiny House Rendering.tif

Agricultural POD Units

Agriculture Pods.png