About Core Composites

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Core Composites team in front of the Joint Warfighter Shelter of the Future, a new prototype for the United States Army of a Rigid Walled Medical Shelter designed and built in advanced composite materials

Core Composites Inc is a Division of ROM Development Corporation located in Bristol, RI. For over 30 years, Core Composites has sold and distributed advanced composite materials including varieties of carbon, aramid, and glass fabrics; specialty coatings, epoxy resins, and structural core materials; and commercial low temperature cure prepregs.

Core Composites also project manages the development of complex composite products from prototype through production. Core Composites has developed and managed hundreds of leading-edge advanced composite projects across various industries and applications, such as: marine, submarine, industrial, automotive, structural, medical, aerospace, and defense.

Core Composites recently moved to a new, larger headquarters at 65 Tupelo St., Bristol, RI 02809. The new facility includes a much larger warehouse for the distribution and supply of advanced composite materials as well as a laboratory to expand research and development efforts.

Some key R&D efforts include various formulations of thermoplastic prepreg as well as a revolutionary, cost-effective composite system that allows composite building structures to meet codes for fire, smoke and toxicity.