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The EMI Shielding Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

The Next Generation of Truck-Mounted Shelters

JLTV-JETS Design Mounted on HMMWV Platfo

Core Composites has an open bid for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) Expeditionary Tactical Shelter (JETS) with Kratos Defense.  The JLTV-JETS is a prototype for DoD Rapid Innovation Fund. 


The proposed JETS will be a composite construction with a core material that can be adjusted to balance structural properties, weight, effective electromagnetic shielding and thermal efficiency.


The DoD stated the need for a shelter to go into production alongside of the Oshkosh JLTV program. The shelter design is composite-based, expandable, and EMI protected, with the goal that it meets or exceeds the existing S-788 criteria defined in ASTM E2377 “Standard Specification for Shelter, Electrical Equipment, Lightweight” while also providing enhanced payload capacity. 


Compared to the envelope of the legacy S-788, the initial proof of concept is expected to achieve lower overall weight from the current S788 Type I weight of 608 lbs.

JLTV-JETS Tech Maturation Design.png

JLTV-JETS Tech Maturation Design

JLTV-JETS Mobile Command Center Renderin
JLTV-JETS Composite Molded Main Body Sec

JLTV-JETS Composite Molded Main Body Section

JLTV-JETS Mobile Command Center Rendering

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